V2 Cigs Review July 2012


Who is V2 Cigs ?

V2 Cigs is the leading electronic cigarette company available today. They are ranked by Alexa.com, known for the best internet statistics, as the number one E-Cigarette company. Companies recognize them for keeping their prices low and using modern technology. Many may say they are the top of the line, but V2 cigs are proven to be just that. What makes them the best? The answer is easy. They offer all the tools to make it possible for everyone who uses them to quit smoking and enjoy a life without chemicals as in traditional cigarettes at a very affordable cost.

Our In Depth V2 Cigs Review Has Been Updated Based On V2's Major Upgrades Recently

V2 Cigs has a extensive line of E-Cigarette starter kids and more. They include a recently updated battery that is now powered by 4.2 volts and is far better than any other E-Cigarette on the market! They also offer a wide variety of flavored, refillable nicotine cartridges to suit a variety of smokers.

This brand is well known for its high quality products and affordable prices. They are always working to update their product and improve on it. To illustrate how dynamic and successful this brand has become look at their latest development “their partnership with UPS. In the past, electronic cigarette customers have had to wait due to the extremely slow shipping times because only the United States Postal Service (USPS) would ship this item. V2 seeked to serve their customers better, and UPS and V2 now have been offered a partnership with UPS. Now they will get this product to their customers faster.

What is the V2 E-Cigarette?

What makes the V2 Cigs better than others on the market? Grading E-Cig companies encompasses a lot of factors, however the most importantly is the quality and amount of technology that are sold and packaged in the starter kit. Below are more details about what makes the E-cigs a top seller.

The V2 Battery

One of the mail elements of electronic cigarettes is the battery. The V2 batter is the top of the line. Recently upgraded to a 4.2 volt battery that is better than any other miniature electronic cigarette available on the market. These batteries are mini style batteries and are model number kr808d. They are the most common mini E-cig batteries on the market. All kr808d batteries are not made the same, the same quality. Some features that make the V2 battery stand out are its cool matte finish. They also feel differently, a V2 kr808d battery feels rubbery as opposed to a competitors kr808d that has a hard, metallic feel. Appearance is not the only thing that makes these batteries better, After the recent upgrades, they are a higher class of mini batteries. A major complaint of the E-Cigs is the charge often didnt last long and they were not very convenient to charge, even when you are at home. The new, upgraded V2 batteries, hold a longer charge than any other mini battery on the market. Perhaps, even more importantly to the battery length, they create more vapor. Traditional batteries, as the charge dwindles down, so will the amount of vapor produced. The new V2 battery is different. The V2 battery with its 4.2 volts last longer and provide larger clouds of vapor.

Choices, Choices,Choices

Weve already established that V2 cigs are a higher performing E-Cig on the market. They also offer a variety of choices to the consumer. They come in a wide selection of different lengths and styles. Sizes include 100mm (shorty, 110mm (standard and 140 (long) sized batteries. The variety in sizes gives the consumer the option of a automatic and a manual operation. Manual batteries operate by you push a button and inhale. Automatic batteries create vapor when you inhale, without having to push a button. Some say the manual batteries produce more vapor, however the automatic is more convenient. Which one is right for the consumer comes down to personal preference. Automatic or manual are choices that most other electronic cigarette companies do not offer. The prices of the individual batteries range from $20 for the shorty to only $30 for the long battery. It will be hard to find a lower price for a electronic cigarette battery, and impossible for the quality you receive with the V2 E-Cigs.

The Cartridges

V2 cigs offers prefilled cartomizers, basically nicotine cartridges. They have a wide variety of flavors and they are also cost less per cartomizer, than their competitors.

Great flavor choices

Although V2 cigs may not have as many flavors as others, their quality is considerably better. Other brands may have a endless supply of flavors, but generally they dont taste very good. V2 is different. They have a smaller selection, however all of their products taste great. V2 has three categories that they divide their flavors into: specialty flavors, cool menthol and rich tobacco. Below is a list of the flavors in each group and after that is a brief description of each that may allow you to decide which one you would like to try first.

Specialty Flavors


V2 Cola




Cool Menthol



Rich Tobacco Flavors



V2 Red

Looking at the list you can tell that it is not the most extensive selection. However it is a list of solid flavors, and really how many flavors do you need? The important thing is they all taste good. This variety gives something for everyone. My personal preference is the specialty flavors over the tobacco or menthol flavors. I like the ability to change and the variety of interesting flavors like Cherry or Vanilla. I sampled some of V2s selection including the V2 Red, Coffee, Vanilla, Cherry and V2 Cola flavors. I thought they were all enjoyable because I really appreciate and enjoy the V2 electronic cigarette. My personal favorite is the V2 Cola. (I think V2 is the only one to offer a Cola flavor.) I also really enjoyed the Vanilla and the Cherry. They each had a very distinct taste and were very tasty.

Comparing V2 cost with other brands

V2 projects their cartridges cost just $1.69 per cartridge. Their website has a comparison chart that compares their price per cartridge to others on the market. It shows that their price is considerably lower than any other price on the market. Their specific prices are as follows.

Number of specialty flavored cartridges Price

5 $12.95

20 $44.95

40 $66.17

80 $129.95

100 $225

When you take into the high quality of V2s products these are exceptional prices. They also have a special going on right now, you can buy a special edition 5 pack for only $9.95. If time is of the essence, or you simply prefer the convenience of not having to deal with the mess or hassle of refilling your own cartomizer, prefilled nictotine cartridges are a excellent and affordable option. Somehow the flavor seems to be better when you dont have to refill it yourself, but maybe thats just my opinion. If you prefer to refill your own cartridge, not to worry, V2 Cigs has just released a new line of e-liquids. This is a great way for you to save money and creates new flavor options for you to e-smoke.

Save Money with V2 E-liquid

V2 recently added a new product to their line. They have their own line of E-liquids. This is not a common expectation from companies within the electronic cigarette market. This shows this companies commitment to provide a better vaporizing experience for the customer, they are not just in it for the money. The 10 mL of e-liquid sell for only $10, they are affordable and give you the option to refill your cartridges, instead of requiring you to buy the more expensive prefilled cartridges. They choose to give you the option, to go with the convenience of pre-filled cartridges or the cost effective e-liquid measure. They are looking out for their customers. The e-liquids are a cut above the rest from their bargain prices, to the many flavor options, and perhaps most importantly the quality of the vapor until the times it hits your throat.

Whats Special about V2s E-Liquid?

V2s E-Liquid is currently available in four flavors. They are the V2 Red, Sahara, Menthol and Peppermint. All four flavors are available to purchase in strengths from 0mg to 18mg of nicotine. These E-Liquids are easy to use and refill your cartridges. You take the used or empty cartridges that you have from V2 and refill them with the flavor of your choice. All you have to is drop the E-liquid into the end of the cartridge using V2s easy drop bottles. These bottles work to make everything easier , by design and they really work. The other interesting thing about the E-Liquid is you can mix and match flavors to create a new flavor combination of your own. For example you could do part vanilla and part peppermint to get a vanilla peppermint flavor. The possibilities are yours!

The E-Liquids have many appealing features. V2 has some additional reasons that make their a cut above the rest. The first reason is the bottles are extremely affordable. You can purchase a 10mL bottle for only $10, you can also upgrade to purchase a 20mL bottle for only 18.95. On average 10mL of e-liquid can fill 10 cartridges, you can even stretch it out to as many as 15. Thats $1 or less per refill! That makes a significant savings over the prefilled cartridges. Another advantage is they, which is extremely unheard of in the E-liquid industry, the opportunity to test the batch number. E-Liquid is not the most reliable of products. It is often produced overseas and that makes it more challenging to determine if a product is good. Are the ingredients safe, Is the amount of nicotine the same. Propylene Glycol is the main ingredient in nicotine E-Liquid and is hard to regulate so that is a large issue to tackle. V2 Cigs is different in the way they handle this. They put a batch number on them and you can log into their website and then click on do a batch check. You can see where all the ingredients came from. This is different from whats required or being made available. Also helps them to regulate who purchases and to make recalls if necessary

Why Purchase a Starter Kit?

V2 has a great line of starter kids for you get started. Starter kits are the driving force of a electronic cigarette company. A company can be easily measured based on the pricing, quality and contents of their starter kit. Many companies do not actually make their own starter kits, like V2 does. They will purchase, in bulk, batteries, cartomizers, and chargers from overseas and put them together in the US and sell them for a considerable profit. If you were to purchase starter kids from the different companies on the market you would likely end up with the exact some product, simply bearing a different brand or logo on them. V2 Cogs does not do this, they have their own brand and they produce their own products in the United States. Their product always maintains V2s high quality that makes their starter kit stand out and so much better than the rest. So, lets get down to the basics, of the starter kit. First, there is the technology used to create these starter kits. The main components, of course are the cartridges, the battery and the E-liquids are obviously the main components of a good starter kit. V2 has a wide range of of starter kids to choose from that do a great job of all including their superior core e-cigarette technologies. As mentioned previously, the batteries have a unique matte finish that makes this brand stand out above the rest. The rubbery feel of the matte finish battery, you can feel you are getting quality. The cartridges have a low resistance style and are tasty which makes them easy to use and inhale from. Purchasing a V2 starter kit is the best decision you can make. You are getting quality and quantity. Your starter kid, which you have a variety of options to choose from, will include a great electronic cigarette and great flavors from a very reliable brand.

When I began considering electronic cigarettes and began researching them I came across V2cigs.com and was blown away by the extreme variety in their starter kits. They have starter kits that fit into every budget. The prices start at, the basic at only $29.95 going up to 189.95. Below Ive created a list of V2s starter kits. Each description will include a review of the kit, the contents and the price.

Starter Kits Under $30

Express Kit only $29.95

This starter kit by V2 is the cheapest starter kit available on the market. When we are talking cheap, we are only referring to the price. This starter kit is V2 quality. The contents of this kit are basic, not over the top. You are just getting the bare essentials here. The kit contains I flavor cartridge, 1 battery and 1 USB charger. The advantages to this kit is the affordability and the opportunity to use it before deciding to invest more in electronic cigarettes. This is a great deal for $30. All you will need to order is more flavor kits after this one is finished. You may want to consider ordering at least a five pack at the same time you order the starter kit. So you will not have to wait as long for a replacement.

V2 Notebook-Cig $29.95

This kit is also very affordably priced at under $30. This one is a little different than the express. This contains a USB E-Cigarette that is completely powered by your computer. It does not have a battery that allows it to be portable. The advantages of this E-Cigarette is the battery never ends and will always produce high voltage. Your battery will never die and will never produce weaker vapor. The disadvantage is it is not portable unless you are taking your laptop with you. That can prove to be less than effective. Another difference is this kit comes with a full 5 pack of cartridges and you are able to choose any of V2s flavors. This would be a great option for someone who spends a large amount of time at the computer. If you want portability, you can always add a individual batter for only $19.95.

Fully Stocked Starter Kits by V2

If you realize this is something you really want and would like a larger starter kit, then you can opt for one of these starter kits. Here are two reviews of the entry level kit and the high end kit. If you buy one of the starter kits, and like the electronic cigarette eventually you will need the supplies you find in these kits. The main differences between the levels in the many fully stocked kits are small adjustments in the cartomizers, chargers and the number of accessories. You can view V2 Cigs website for more information about the variety of kits available.

V2 Economy Kit ” The perfect beginner entry kit. ($59.95)

You should expect to pay no less than $60 for a full, inclusive entry kit. V2 has created a entry level kit that fits this price range and is the same quality you would expect from V2. The economy kit, is priced within the market average but the quality makes it a step above. This makes it well worth the price. This entry kit comes with a 10 pack of flavor cartridges, a USB charger, a wall charger. When you factor in the quality and renowned customer service than this is a amazing deal. This is the perfect kit for anyone beginning their career in smoking electronic cigarettes.

V2 Ultimate Kit-Top of the line Starter Kit (189.95)

At first glance, this kit may appear expensive. However when you look at what you are getting it is very reasonable! The price equals out to the same cost as about 24 pack and will last you much longer! No kit, by any manufacture is any better! This one is made by V2 with their quality and excellent customer service. For this great value you are getting a wide variety of accessories and different options to customize it to your preferences. You will receive three batteries. You will be able to choose both the size and if they are automatic or manual for each battery. You will also get 5 five packs of cartridges. You also get to choose the strength and flavor of each pack) 2 cases, a carrying case and a charging case. A V2 starter kit, a car adapter and a V2 power cig. A Power Cig is a full USB powered E-cigarette. You are getting a lot for your money!

V2s Well Known Expert Customer Service

V2 makes a great product and is the industry leader when it comes to electronic cigarette products. Having tried all of the kits V2 offers, all of the flavors they are my preferred brand from the first day I began e-smoking and remains my favorite today. They remain the clear leader in this industry and are the fastest growing brand. Perhaps even more phenomenal is their superior customer service. Customer service traditionally has not been strong when it comes to E-Cigarettes. V2 has changed this and has exceptional customer service. They do not fall into the many pitfalls other e-cigarette companies do including no on to talk to, a dysfunctional website and delayed/missing shipments. V2 Cigs not only has a wonderful, functioning website. They have 24 hour customer service and now they have developed a partnership with UPS. This means for you, the customer, your shipments will be handled properly and with care. Your order will arrive on time and you will be able to track your order. Their website is easy to shop on and your order will be delivered on time. Basically V2 goes above and beyond expectations with their product and their customer service representatives will work hard to ensure you have a great experience with V2.
V2 Cigs Full Review

V2 Cigs is an electronic cigarette company that is making big waves in the industry of e-cigarettes. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the market, and are becoming known for their innovative equipment and affordability. Alexa.com ” one of the largest and most trusted trend and ranking websites on the internet– lists V2 Cigs as the top company for electronic cigarettes.

They key to the growth and popularity of this company comes from their affordable, yet full-service solutions for those looking to quit smoking. In addition to a full starter-kit, they offer an abundance of varied flavors to suit all tastes. They have their own line of nicotine fluid, which allows them to produce a unique smokeless experience compared to other e-cig companies. Each batch is numbered, and ingredient transparency is very appealing to those who wonder what is really inside my e-cig?. Their revolutionary 4.2 volt system is more powerful than any other e-cig on the market, and V2 Cigs produces batteries of 3 different lengths to suit your needs.

V2 Cig's products maintain a high quality of ingredients and safety precautions, to the extent that they now partner with UPS. Until this partnership, E-cigarettes had to be shipped via US Postal Service. V2's high quality of product, however, convinced UPS to be an authorized shipper of the V2 Cig electronic cigarette product line.

An Overview of a v2 E-Cigarettes

What makes the v2 Cig unique is their dedication to quality and technology. With the 4.2 volt battery system in various lengths, and an in-house, unmatched quality control system for the e-liquid, they stand head and shoulders above their competitors. They offer a large array of starter kits, of which their basic starter kit is much less than what other e-cigarette companies charge for their starter kits.

The V2 Battery system

Batteries are the key to electronic cigarettes. Their length and power to vaporize the e-liquid is a very important factor in the quality of the experience, and the need to recharge during the day. The 4.2 system exceeds the market standard for e-cigarette batteries on the market. The batteries used in the v2 Cig system are mini-style, the model used being the kr808d, a common size for e-cigs on the market today. But not all kr808d batteries perform the same. The V2 Cig's batteries have a nice matte finish and feel softer than the average hard metal feel of other kr808d batteries. The matte finish gives it a great, unique look, while feeling great in your hand.

The V2's batteries also last longer throughout the day, which is vital to anyone using an e-cig to quit smoking. The V2 Cig system offers 100, 110, and 140 mm length batteries to accommodate familiarity of smokers (short, standard and long respectively). Each battery offers the unique choice between automatic and manual functions, the difference being that automatic creates vapor when you inhale on the e-cig, and manual requires a push of a button. The V2 Cig batteries cost $20 for the 100mm, up to $30 for the largest, which are some of the lowest costs in the industry.

Review V2 Cigs Cartridges / Cartomizer Refills

The cartridges for the V2 Cigs are very much like any standard e-cig pre-filled cartridge system. What sets the V2 Cig system apart, however, is the amount and quality of flavor options that the user can choose from, all at an affordable price. The V2 e-cigarettes taste great, and you can tell that each cartridge was designed with quality in mind. When purchasing cartridges, V2 has conveniently split their flavors amongst three categories: rich tobacco, cool menthol, and specialty flavors. Rich tobacco flavors include rich flavors named Sahara, V2 Red and Congress. The Cool Menthol flavors include a Menthol as well was a Peppermint. The Specialty flavors include a nice array of sweet flavors that include Vanilla, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, and their own V2 Cola flavor creation.

It's a solid list of flavors that appeal to the vast majority of e-cig users, and sure to please almost anyone. In my experience with this product, I thoroughly enjoyed sampling the specialty flavors. The ability to change things up to suit my mood was great. Of the selection I sampled (Coffee, Cherry, Vanilla, v2 Red and V2 Cola), I really enjoyed the V2 Cola flavor. It was unique and distinguishable, and not a taste I had ever had before with any other e-cig brand. Currently, they even have a special edition flavor, Passion Fruit, that sells in a 5 pack for $9.95.

V2 Pricing vs Other Brands

On the V2Cigs.com website, they offer a handy comparison chart that shows the cost of their products vs the leading e-cigarette brands. As you probably guessed, their prices are significantly cheaper per cartridge than their competitors. For instance, a 5-pack of flavored nicotine cartridges from V2 costs only $12.95. A 20-pack will run you only $44.95, or you can opt for the larger packs of 80 for $129.95 or 100 for $225. Considering the quality and unique formulation of flavors, this is an incredible deal for e-cig cartridges!

There may be cheaper options out there, but nothing beats the convenience of pre-filled cartridges for those on the go. The flavors are better than having a refill bottle, since each V2 cartridge is individually sealed for hygiene and freshness.

Saving Money using V2 E-Liquid

While pre-filled cartridges are easy and convenient, there are those who are looking at cost savings that refilling your own e-cig can offer. V2 Cigs has you covered as well with their new line of e-liquid for refillable cartridge systems. The 10mL bottles of their quality e-liquid runs for just $10 each. And unlike other competitors, V2 cartridges are soft topped. Many manufacturers use hard caps at the end of their pre-filled cartridges, which forces the consumer to only buy pre-filled instead of giving them the option of refilling it themselves. V2 Cigs cartridges do not do this to their customers.

V2 Cigs offer e-liquid for sale in four flavors currently: Sahara, Peppermint, Menthol and V2 Red. Each are available in strengths from 0mg to 18mg of nicotine for full user customization. The e-liquid refillable system works by taking used and empty V2 cartridges, and easily dripping the e-liquid into the end of the cartridge using the V2 drip bottles.

An option that refilling your own cartridge provides is the ability to mix flavors. For instance, if you had a mostly empty vanilla cartridge, and refilled that cartridge with some peppermint, you would have created your own vanilla-mint e-cig!

A 10mL refill bottle can get you 10 refills, and upwards of 15 if you stretch it. This makes the cost of your cartridge only $1.00 a piece, which is a huge amount of money back in your pocket, just by refilling your used cartridges!

The best part of using V2's e-liquid is that the bottles of e-liquid are held to the same quality standards as their pre-filled cartridges: they are made in-house, in labeled batches, with the best ingredients. The amount of nicotine is clearly labeled and tested. You can even check on your individual batch using the v2Cigs.com website.

Getting Started: The V2 Cigs Starter Kits

Starter kits can be one of the most important offerings for those looking to get into e-cigs. They usually include everything you need to get started on a company's product, but they all vary in what they offer, accessories, and of course, cost. Sadly, many of these starter kits are exactly the same, including chargers and products made overseas, that are bundled and sold with cartridges and batteries. The V2 Cigs starter kits, however, are all made from their own brand, right here in America. Close control is kept on the quality of the product made, which makes the V2 Cigs starter kits a great value to any e-cig user. There's no doubt that a starter kit including the high quality cartridges, the matt finish, unique batteries and superior flavors V2 offers is ideal for those looking for a pleasant, effective and unique e-cigarette experience.

And for the quality you receive, the price is amazing. They offer starter kits for every budget, from a very basic kit at $29.99, all the way up to the extensive, everything-you-could-possibly-need $189.95 starter kit. Regardless of what you choose, every starter kit includes an electronic cigarette, and what you need to get started. The more expensive kits include things like flavor cartridges, extra batteries and other options.

V2 Cigs makes quite a selection of different starter kits, 2 of which are under $30.

At $29.95, The Express Kit is one of the most inexpensive e-cigarette kits you can find anywhere. You get everything you need to get started, but it is fairly basic. It comes with 1 battery, 1 USB charger, and1 flavor cartridge. It's a great, inexpensive starter kit that introduces you into the V2 Cigs product line, and is easily upgradeable. With this kit, it's probably a good idea to order a 5 pack of cartridges along with this kit, so you don't have to wait for more when you're done with the one included.

Also at $29.95, V2 offers the V2 Notebook Cig. The V2 Notebook Cig is similar to the express, except instead of a USB charger, this cigarette is powered by USB. The benefits to this style is that it is always plugged into a USB port, and never runs out of battery. This option would be great for those who work in cubicles, or are at their computer all the time. In addition to the USB e-cig, you get a full 5-pack of cartridges in this kit. The negative, however, is that it must always be plugged into a computer or USB port, so it is not very portable as an e-cig with a battery. Adding a battery to this kit, however, can cost as little as $19.95.

For those who are looking to fully immerse themselves in the quality of V2 products, there are 2 more kits available, one slightly more expensive, and one that is the grand-daddy of all starter kits.

For those wanting more than just the basics, the V2 Economy Kit at $59.95 is the ideal starting place. The price is pretty standard for e-cigarette starter kits, but with the V2 Economy Kit, you get 10 flavored cartridges, a USB and a wall charger, and one battery. It's everything you need to get started and keep going as a user of e-cigarettes.

The V2 Ultimate Kit, at $189.95, may seem really expensive to the average onlooker. But for the price of 24 packs of cigarettes, it gives you a product that lasts longer than traditional smoking, with all the V2 options you could want. This giant kit includes 3 batteries (auto or manual and whichever size you choose), five 5-packs of cartridges (again, your choice), a carrying case and a charging case, a V2 charger kit, a car adapter, and the V2 Power Cig, the USB plug-in model offered in the Notebook Cig kit. It is literally everything you could need.

V2 Customer Service Experience

We now know the quality, affordability, and technological breakthroughs that V2 has to offer. But another major point for customers is how well a company stands behind their product, and how well they treat you when you need help. So many companies today lack good customer service, especially in the realm of e-cigarettes. You have to hunt down a phone number or email, and when you contact them, you get nowhere. Orders get lost and delayed, and the frustration just mounts.

V2 Cigs is different. They offer an easy-to-use website, and 24-hour customer service. With their partnership with UPS, orders are easier to track, and shipping estimates from the website are spot on. There's no guessing, and no concerns with who is handling your order. The surprising, but pleasant dealings with V2 customer service is just icing on the cake of an incredible e-cigarette system.



The v2 brand is really legitimate, they are definitely not one of those bottom-feeding brands that only cares about marketing. They are a leader in the industry; their electronic cigarette starter kits are evidence of that. The options for Power and Notebook powered plug-in eCigs in some starter kits really gives  beginner and veteran smokers alike something they can use. And people will use it; they are really the only company besides Bloog that offfers such plug-in e-cigarette starter kit options. I would definitely recommend this to beginners that want to try the USB pass-through kit option that Smokeless Image doesn't really have.

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