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Volcano Brand Electronic Cigarettes

There are many different companies competing in today's electronic cigarette market. Some are very popular, brand names known by millions of people all over the globe. Other companies, however, not so much. One such brand goes by the name of Volcano Electronic Cigarettes, and while they might not have the largest following of electronic smokers out of all the other brands, they are a company whose name is said with respect. They are highly recommended by electronic smokers, and as such, we're going to go in-depth with the following article in order to discover whether or not the Volcano brand electronic cigarettes really are just as good as people say they are. We'll show you their various beginner kits in detail, as well as their assortment of flavors, their own line of e-liquid, and their very own creation – Lavatube. What this is and what it means for you will all be carefully described below.

Volcano Brand Starter Kits

Here we'll take you on an inside look of what Volcano has to offer electronic smokers. Whether you are just beginning along electronic smoking's path to a better wellbeing or have taken the pledge to do better for both yourself and the environment a long time ago and just wish to switch brands, Volcano brand has electronic cigarette starter kits for everyone. Having taken the time to carefully investigate each kit, we have been able to carefully evaluate each one and come up with the best grade for each, allowing you to easily choose which would work best for you and which to begin with.

When we take that initial step back and look at the big picture, Volcano brand electronic cigarettes really do not fail to amaze. Their technology is amazing; everything from the length of their batteries lives to how well their e-cigarette s produce vapor, it was all worthy of the high reviews costumers gave them. As of right now they have three models: the Inferno, the Magma, and the Volcano. Out of the three, the Inferno is the best in terms of battery life and vapor production; however, its size might cause potential customers to shy away. Roughly the same size as the conventional marker, it's not the perfect replacement to the customary small size of the traditional cigarette. Fortunately however, both the Magma and the Volcano are smaller, and while you may be thinking that when it comes to Volcano brand electronic cigarettes, bigger equals better and smaller equals worse, there's nothing farther from the truth. Each of these electronic cigarettes come in their own beginner's kit, with numerous add-ons included. Again, from the most experienced to those without the slightest clue, Volcano brand electronic cigarettes has something for everyone.

The Inferno Kit

As stated above, this electronic cigarette is not small like the traditional cigarette. They are much bigger, big enough that some might even find them awkward to use at first, especially those who are used to normal cigarettes. However, don't let that dissuade you from purchasing this behemoth. It makes up for its large size with the life of its battery, the amount of vapor produced each puff, and how you're given the ability to customize it whichever way that suits your tastes best. You are also given the choice to use either the drip-tip or the 510 tank build, an option that greatly appeals to many electronic smokers. Also, for just another $15, you can have both!

This particular kit comes at the price of $75, which is great when you consider what you are getting for it. Along with the electronic cigarette, this starter kit comes with a 1,000mAH Super INFERNO Battery, a wall charger, a USB charger with a power switch, a 650mAH USB battery, a carrying bag as well as a miniature USB cable. On top of all this, you also receive a 15mL bottle of Volcano's very own V-Liquid, allowing you to refill when you want, where you want. You choose whatever flavor you want out of the 29 they currently have available.

A quick note: if you decide to settle with the tank style kit, then you'll find that your kit comes with 1 INFERNO Tank-o-mizer and 5 empty, refillable tanks. If you instead choose the drip style kit, then your kit will instead come with the MAGMA Atomizer, an aluminum drip tip, and 2 identical Atomizer cones.

The Battery

With their Inferno electronic cigarette model, Volcano offers two batteries: the Super 1,000mAH battery and the 650mAH USB battery. The 650mAH USB battery is interesting because it also happens to be a pass-through battery, which allows for smoking even when charging. It also helps to alleviate some stress as one doesn't have to constantly worry about how much charge they have left.

What's even more interesting is Volcano's Super 1,000mAH battery. State of the art and truly in its own class, the Super 1,000mAH battery is one tough challenger to beat. Several customers who wrote reviews stated that this battery lasted them the ENTIRE day on a single charge! As if that wasn't enough, this particular battery's reputation just so happens to be true, unlike some of those on the market who state they last for even longer. This is truly astounding as it means less time worrying and more time enjoying. No more having to cut an evening short or carry on with a bad mood thanks to a battery running out of juice. Now, thanks to Volcano's outstanding technology, you'll find yourself having more fun than ever before!

The Vapor Production

Out of the currently available electronic cigarettes that one can buy, the Inferno is the best when it comes to vapor production. Due to its massive size, the amount of vapor produced per hit is incredible. Not only is the amount of vapor produced amazing, what is also amazing is how easy it is to draw out. Again, the Inferno is simply incredible, and definitely worth the price Volcano is selling it for.


$74.99 might seem a lot to drop all in one go right off the bat, but when you compare it to the countless dollars spent buying cigarette pack after cigarette pack, lighter after lighter, the Inferno electronic cigarette comes out on top as an amazing bargain. You also have to take into consideration that you're not just getting a single, super-sized electronic cigarette here. You're also getting a mini USB charger, a full-sized USB charger, a USB pass-through battery (great for when you need a smoke while charging), a wall charger, and Volcano's very own V-Liquid. You're also given the option to choose between a tank or a drip-tip design, or if you'd like both, then for a measly $15 you can have both! This starter kit is absolutely amazing, and that's just when it's looked at alone. Compare it to other beginner kits and you'll be amazed your jaw hasn't hit the floor yet.


Unfortunately, here's where things might start heading a little bit south: the size. With the Super 1,000 mAH battery, the overall length of the device is roughly 5.5″ long when using the drip-tip. If you find the tank design more appealing, then a solid 6″ is what you'll be having to deal with. But before you start packing your favorite pair of shorts and throwing on some suntan lotion, listen to this first. You're essentially going to be smoking a cigar shaped object, an object so high-tech and so high quality that upon your first hit, all concerns and worries will become a thing of the past. You'll also looking very suave and cool with this electronic cigarette, as it's a very sleek, black color with the battery being colored either silver or red, colors that pair up with the black magnificently.

The Magma Kit

The next kit on our list is about Volcano's Magma electronic cigarette. In this kit, you're again given options, being able to pick between a single nicotine cartridge or the tank design mentioned above. However, unlike the Inferno's incredibly long lasting battery, the Magma comes with a much smaller battery. Although, it is also given the option to become either automatic or manual (allowing you to choose between the two at your whim), and it is a bit smaller lengthwise. Coming in at about 4.45″ long, this length remains the same regardless of whatever setup you've decided to go with, be it the tank or drip-tip. Set at the price of $75, this beginner kit is also well worth the money.

The only main, big difference between these two kits are what you are given along with the electronic cigarette. For example, unlike the Inferno, you're not given Volcano's incredibly Super 1,000mAH battery, nor their pass-through battery. Instead, you're given the option to change between automatic and manual, and the charging case comes equipped with a screen, allowing you to be easily shown just how much your batteries have been charged.

Within the Magma beginner kits, you are given a miniature USB cable, a USB charger, a wall charger, a case designed for travel (the M-Pack, as Volcano have named it), and 2 M-Batteries, with your choose of either a manual or an automatic format. It also comes with a 15mL bottle of Volcano's V-Liquid, just like with the Inferno. In the Magma's Tank Kit, you're again given a Magma Tank-o-mizer as well as 5 empty tanks, and in the Drip Kit, you are given 2 Magma Atomizers and one aluminum drip tip. Just like the Inferno starter kits, this kit and what they offer you is truly amazing. While it forgoes the fantastic long lasting life of the Super 1,000mAH battery as well as the incredible amount of vapor produced upon each hit, that doesn't make this kit any less desirable. Due to its smaller size, the Magma is more geared toward those who still want a long lasting electronic cigarette as well as plenty of options. For those more adventurous or curious, see the Inferno again above. For those looking for somewhere to begin, stick with the Magma.

The Battery

Like stated above, you won't be getting Volcano's amazing Super 1,000mAH battery nor the pass-through, which allows for smoking while charging. Instead, you are given what Volcano has dubbed the “M-Case.” Bring this nifty little device with you next time on the day – or night – that you plan to stay out on and you won't have to worry about your electronic cigarettes running out of power. This charges your batteries as you are out, allowing for a quick swap for when your first finally run out of juice. It also has a digital display that tells you just how fully charged your batteries are. But not like you'll actually need it. Couple the battery they give you with the fact that you are given the option to choose between automatic and manual and your battery is guaranteed to last you the entire day.

Vapor Production

Now, just to be clear (and to maybe state the obvious here a little), the Magma's vapor production is nothing like the Inferno's. Then again, few things actually are. However, that doesn't mean that the Magma's vapor production is atrocious or second-rate. In fact, with the Magma, you'll still be getting amazing hits and easy pulls. Both the Magma and the Inferno are the same in the next bit: the drip-tip does produce more vapor than the tank. However, the Volcano's Magma is one of the very few brands out there that produce a relatively small cigarette that comes with an option to use a tank configuration on it.


Coming again at the price of $75, the Magma starter kit is well suited for those who are beginning electronic smoking or for those who like something a bit more casual. With all the amazing features provided within the kit, such as the M-Case, the three different types of charges that prepare you for any kind of situation, and the option to choose between automatic or manual while smoking, the Magma beginner kit is a great deal.


The Magma electronic cigarette is much, much better looking than the Inferno, that's for sure. Not only does it keep to a small enough size that it doesn't seem or feel overwhelming, it retains that traditional 'small cigarette' look that many electronic smokers are looking for. What makes it even greater is that you can choose between either a tank or a drip-tip design. Volcano also goes one step further with this already fantastic product, giving it a small LED light on the tip that produces the same glowing red effect as with traditional cigarettes. This red light goes hand in hand perfectly with Magma's sleek black color, allowing for you to look your best when smoking this amazing device.

The Volcano Kit

As with other brands, there's always the electronic cigarette design that resembles the traditional cigarette, and Volcano is no exception. How well it works though, that's a different story. Introducing the Volcano electronic cigarette, this great brand's one and only first product, which also happens to be named after the company itself. Using the typical kr808d-1 batteries found in most other electronic cigarettes, and the classic nicotine cartridge with no option to upgrade to a tank set, this electronic cigarette might not seem like much. But wait until we go under the hood of this bad boy and you'll soon be thinking otherwise.

This is the ultimate beginner's kit, as it comes with a design and size that recently converted electronic smokers are still looking and hoping to get. With 2 V-Batteries (and thanks to Volcano's desire to help those using their products look good, they too have tiny, red LED lights in the tips), a USB charger, a wall charger, a V-Pack, and – with your choice of any flavor – 5 cartridges. Again, the perfect kit of the beginner as it's really quite easy to use.

The Battery

As the smallest of the three available models, the charge this battery holds isn't going to be better than the previous two. However, don't let that stop you from looking into and maybe even buying this model. While the battery alone gives other brands a run for their money, you're also given a V-Pack, which is very much like the M-Pack that accompanies the Magma above.

Vapor Production

At this point you're probably thinning something along the lines of, “It's smaller than the others, so there definitely has to be some sort of downfall. Perhaps vapor production?” Well, let me be the one to say you can stop right there. While the Volcano does one in as the smallest, in no way does that reflect its vapor producing capabilities. Compared to other small electronic cigarettes of other brands, the Volcano is capable of creating large amounts of vapor per hit, making you both a happy customer and a happy smoker.


The Volcano is a bit cheaper than the previous two, going for about $64.99. While you might think that's still a bit pricey, you should keep in mind that certain features, such as the V-Pack, are almost nonexistent when it comes to starter kits at this price. Also keep in mind the other various add-ons you can purchase as well as all of their flavors and you really will be getting a great deal.


First off, the electronic cigarette itself. You can choose from either black or white, and to be honest, either one of these colors goes beautifully with the tiny LED light that's placed out front. Next you have the V-Pack, which also looks just as amazing as the electronic cigarette itself. No more having to worry about what people will think when you pull out a strange looking e-cigarette, you'll now feel totally relaxed – if not even a bit cooler – using the Volcano electronic cigarette.

Volcano's LavaTube

Volcano is a great brand, and I'm confidant that from what you've read so far you'd agree. However, I'm about to carry them even higher by telling you about a little something extra they've come up with. Introducing the LavaTube, an electronic cigarette that allows for the user to actually change the power settings, creating a unique smoking experience. Going as far as up to 6 watts, this electronic cigarette will have you pulling huge clouds of vapor. Or, for those who like to be a little more secretive about it, you can always power down to a lower level and continue to smoke away for a still great experience. What makes this product even better is that you can purchase it all on its lonesome or actually buy it in a starter kit, which really makes things convenient. This cool piece of tech comes in three pieces, very much like the 510-style cigarettes you see today. What's great about this is that you'll be able to use either the tank or a drip-tip set with this, which means that along with the option to play around with the power settings, this is one of the most customizable electronic cigarettes out on the market today.

Three pieces, three buttons. Aside from your standard power on/off button, this electronic cigarette is also equipped with two buttons to either increase or decrease the power this little guy gives off. The particular battery used within this model is known as the 18650, a standard battery that holds plenty of juice and lasts for a really long time. So, if you know you'll be away from any of your chargers for a while, you can just set it to a lower setting and smoke away without worrying about your battery ever running out. However, if you're the type to still have a couple jitters, then be rest assured: this awesome device also comes with a small screen telling you just how much power your LavaTube still has.

The LavaTube Kit

Like Volcano's other kits, this one comes with fairly standard things. The Lavatube as well as a LavaTube atomizer, a charger for your car as well as one for the home, a carrying case, a drip-tip, and finally the LiMN battery (the 18650 mentioned earlier). This kit is highly customizable, everything from the drip-tips to the tank cartridges. You can easily mix and mash the various add-ons in order to develop a style that's truly your own.

Volcano's V-Liquid, Other Add-Ons, and the Disposable Cigarette

The V-Liquids

As with any other electronic cigarette company found on today's markets, Volcano comes with a huge array of flavors. Unlike other companies that seek only to profit from their sales, Volcano is unique in that it's seeking to make their customers happy. Each of their 29 flavors have been designed and redesigned until that perfect flavor was achieved, but they didn't stop there. No, they didn't just want to make their consumer's happy – they wanted to keep their consumer's happy (and keep the consumers as well!). Not only did they succeed in doing just that, but they also created an extraordinarily strong following of loyal customers who have succeeded in persuading other electronic smokers to join in on the excitement that the Volcano brand name generates. Offering plenty of delicious options, here is Volcano's very own list of flavors:

Aloho Apple, Bonzai Banana, Choconilla Haze, Cotton Candy, Hawaiian Espresso, Kona Coffee, Menthol, Pineapple Punch, Red Hot Lava, RY-Four, Surfer Soda, Tobacco, Vanilla Bean, Hula Punch, BlueWater Punch, Cherry Lava, Coocoo Coconut, Grape Escape, Jungle Fruit, Mauna Dew, Pearadise, Pipeline Peach, Red Wings, Shaka Strawberry, Sweet Tart, Tobacco Pure, and Waikiki Watermelon. Plenty of flavors, some with names so vague that you have no choice but to buy them in order to try them. For those adventurously minded people, this list is perfect. For the more conservative folk, a little adventure never hurt anyone and gives you a chance to show off your more fun side. Out of all the flavors, the most recommended by customers were the Choconilla Haze, the Grape Escape, Sweet Tart, Tobacco Pure, and Kona Coffee. These flavors were said to really hit the spot and make electronic smoking an amazing experience.

Coupled with this great array of flavors comes the option to choose how much nicotine you want. Each flavor is provided with 24mg, 16mg, 8mg, and 0mg amounts, which is just great for those looking to enjoy smoking while staying healthy, for those trying to quite, and for those who are just beginning.

Other Features

Volcano brand electronic cigarettes is great in that it offers plenty of various add-ons and other features along with what they already provide. Aside from their charging cases (the M-Pack and the V-Pack), Volcano gives customers the freedom of opting for either the drip-tip or the tank design. With exception to their Volcano electronic cigarette, they give its brothers extras that make for a truly grand customizing experience. From drip-tips to various tanks and cartridges, there's something that makes everyone happy when it comes to Volcano.

Volcano's Very Own Disposable Electronic Cigarette

What's unique about Volcano is that they're always coming up with new ways to give customers what they want. For example, with their LavaTube electronic cigarettes, having the ability to choose how strong you want each hit to be is an amazing piece of ingenuity, as it really makes it the cigarette for anyone. Well, here comes Volcano again, with their very own disposable e-cigarette. Now before you ask yourself, “Why would anyone want this?” think about it like this: some people don't care about filling and refilling their cartridges, or how much power they have left in their batteries. Sometimes they just want to be able to smoke without having to worry about anything else. Well, for those who prefer this method, Volcano brand electronic cigarettes has disposable e-cigarettes that do just this. For $12.99 a pop, you can purchase one such cigarette in either a Menthol or Tobacco flavor with varying amounts of nicotine (0mg, 8mg, and 16mg). On top of that, you'll still look just as good as with Volcano's other reusable and rechargeable cigarettes, as the Tobacco disposable comes with a red LED light out front and the Menthol version comes with a green light.

Finally, for those who aren't sure whether or not Volcano is right for them, Volcano produces what they dubbed as “Express Disposable Electronic Cigarettes”. They come with the e-cigarette itself, a USB charger, a rechargeable battery, and a cartridge in any flavor or strength that you want. Then, if you decide that Volcano is the company for you, the only thing you'll need to do is buy more add-ons, more batteries, more cartridges, and whatever else it is you might need.

Volcano Brand Cigarettes is truly great for those seeking to get more out of their electronic smoking. From what you've read so far it's easy to see why they're so well-liked, and it's obvious that in a short amount of time they'll go from unheard of to having a much larger following of loyal customers than what they have now. So why not, give Volcano brand electronic cigarettes a shot. You never know, you just might find yourself making the switch.

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There are many different companies competing in today's electronic cigarette market. Some are very popular…

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There are many different companies competing in today's electronic cigarette market. Some are very popular…